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Shandong Province, the energy saving effect is obvious
Click:2670 ;   Time:2013-4-19

Recently, reporters from the jump in Shandong Province building housing the Bureau was informed that, to implement the national "12th Five-Year" energy saving spirit, SISHUI ​​building housing the Bureau actively organize to carry out the urban lighting energy-saving activities, starting in 2011, the phasing out of high energy consumptionlight source, and vigorously using LED and other energy-saving lighting products, urban construction industry to promote energy-saving emission reduction work to build a green, low-carbon city.
In the 2010 SISHUI ​​road lighting 2644, landscape lighting 264, the total energy consumption of 180 million kWh / year, single-lamp average energy consumption of 618 kWh / year; 2011 3158 road lighting, landscape lighting 2240, 1.9 million of the total energy consumption kWh / year, single-lamp, the average energy consumption of 351 kWh / year; currently, the county District were installed energy-saving lamps 3879, landscape lights, 6586, total energy consumption by 1.6 million kWh / year, single-lamp average energy consumption of 152 degrees / year. 2011 than single lamp energy consumption in 2010 decreased by 43.2%; 2012 than single lamp energy consumption in 2011 decreased 56.7%, a decrease of 75.4% from the 2010 single lamp energy consumption.

These data suggest that, the Sishui urban lighting and night lighting significantly improved, but has shown a sharp decline in the ratio of energy consumption to ring, urban public lighting energy saving achieved remarkable results.

SISHUI ​​building housing the Bureau responsible comrades said, the main measures taken SISHUI ​​First, the new urban lighting used in all LED products and energy-efficient lights, and the gradual transformation of the original high-energy lighting source; lighting equipment used microcomputer control, automatic configuration track lights in the evening, time-sharing, sub-control switch lighting system; run to take the main road street lights all bright, the rest of the road across a bright, cross-lighting, lights out daily 23:00, 23 points after the main intersection set long a beacon light to dawn, reducing lighting costs, but also meets the needs of road lighting.

It is understood that the SISHUI ​​government also established the city of Surabaya County lighting special maintenance funds, full allocated on a quarterly basis, in order to protect the normal operation of road lighting.

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