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2013 LED indoor lighting applications, Guangdong Province, to promote the ideas and policy interpretation
Click:3957 ;   Time:2013-4-19

The beginning of 2013, six ministries jointly issued a "semiconductor lighting energy industry planning, planning explicitly require the domestic LED output value of nearly 450 billion yuan in 2015, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and government offices, public lighting and other fields, focusing on LED downlight, spotlights and other indoor lighting products and systems demonstration application and promotion. Marking the LED lighting industry from centralized procurement of outdoor lighting to LED indoor lighting applications, LED lighting terminal marketing trend is intensified. LED indoor lighting applications of the Road "Forum on Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province Planning Deputy Director Zhang Donglei interpretation of the promotion of ideas and policies of Guangdong LED indoor lighting applications.
Zhang Donglei broad space for transformation in the field of LED indoor lighting, LED indoor lighting applications owners scattered, tender information is difficult to calculate, so the statistics of indoor lighting is relatively conservative, it is expected that the total number of 2012-2014 between indoor lighting around Nearly 4 million. Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province in 2012 to vigorously promote the transformation of street lighting on the basis of the 2013 to promote the application of shifted their focus to the promotion of LED indoor lighting applications. Planning Office of the Provincial Science and Technology Department will be ready to do the following tasks.

First, the policy guidance. April 10, the provincial government held a the LED joint meeting, the meeting specifically pointed out that the next step is to increase the promotion and use of interior lighting in the public sector efforts in education, health and other fields to accelerate and promote LED lighting. Through the application of management of public finances in these sectors, to boost the application of the whole society, and guide the whole society lighting to guide the use of energy-saving green lighting to LED lighting. Provincial Science and Technology Department are jointly Provincial Government Offices Administration of to study drafting the relevant public bodies to promote the application of LED related policies and measures.

Second, continue to increase the LED indoor lighting demonstration project guidance and support. Provincial Science and Technology Department in the LED special funds of the Province of strategic emerging industries also continue to increase LED indoor lighting demonstration project guidance and support, a clear focus on the transformation of the LED to support schools, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums and other public places, This project has been closed, ready to enter the assessment phase of the project. In a Provincial Science and Technology Department is also special funds to guide the lighting retrofit demonstration project, the government will give subsidies.

Third, administrative supervision departments to strengthen the promotion of LED lighting assessment. Is the administrative supervision in 2013, the administrative departments, the Office of Science and Technology to the promotion and application of indoor lighting to complete the task, work arrangements, the implementation as the focus of our assessment supervision, urging all drive the development of LED interior lighting efforts. Meanwhile, the governing body of the joint benchmarking system step by step on the indoor lighting products benchmarking system detects the scientific method to solve the specifications of the LED lighting products, many kinds of management problems, to prepare for the large-scale application of LED interior lighting.

Fourth, to encourage research and innovation indoor lighting energy management contract, as well as bidding model of innovation. Some of the features of the interior lighting, now in the promotion of energy management contract, there is some difficulty. Will study the combination of indoor lighting, owners dispersion, transformation of short duration, lack of continuity, to take bundled, packaged tender, tendering systems secondary innovation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The same time, we must continue to organize the old lamps for energy service companies recycling collection and research, to encourage and guide enterprises to participate in and plunge into the LED tender construction conditions and qualifications.

Fifth, continue to innovate finance financial services mode. There are already a number of financial institutions to the LED retrofit set up a special financial services. On the website of the Office of the Provincial Science and Technology established the corresponding web page, the next job will be to strengthen the propaganda and guidance of indoor lighting, supervision, combined with some of the mass media and other institutions planning to carry out a propaganda and guidance in the whole society to promote the use of LED to pave the way.

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